what we do

We serve as the employer of record for your contract workers while your contractor performs work at a different client company. We handle all of the employee’s personnel and administrative functions (e.g., payroll, timesheets, benefits administration, W-2, etc.), while the client company provides guidance on the work scope that needs to be performed.

If you are a recruiter wishing to offer contract staffing to your clients, you need an employer of record like FoxHire to handle all of the employment functions involving your contract worker like:


  • Payroll Funding
  • Weekly Payroll Processing
  • Direct Deposits
  • Paying Per Diem when required
  • Deposit and file all State & Federal payroll taxes(e.g. SIT, FIT, FICA)
  • Deposit and file unemployment taxes (e.g. FUTA, SUI)
  • Invoicing your client and handling collections


  • Employee Onboarding with Online Employment Paperwork
  • Background Checks, Drug Screen, Fingerprints
  • Timesheet Collection
  • Benefits Administration
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Unemployment Claims
  • Payroll & Accounting Support
  • Human Resources Support 24/7
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Issue Form W-2
  • Employee Terminations


  • Health Benefits Administration (e.g. Medical, Dental, Vision, 401k, Supplemental, etc.)
  • ACA Compliance
  • COBRA Compliance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Certificate of Insurance


  • Client Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Immigration Authorization (I-9 & E-Verify)
  • IRS Compliance (1099 vs. W-2)
  • Per Diem Regulations
  • DOL Prevailing Wage

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why do contracting?

recurring revenue

As a recruiter offering contract staffing, you’ll receive steady weekly income also known as recurring revenue. Plus, if your client wants to hire your contractor direct from you, they have to pay you a one-time conversion fee (i.e., your placement fee). Besides having steady cash flow, you’ll earn both contracting fees and a direct hire fee!

become a sole source supplier

Client companies are looking for a sole-source supplier to fill all of their placement needs, whether it is for a direct hire or a contract position. Being a sole-source supplier for client companies increases your share of the business.

become “recession proof”

Most client companies don’t grow their direct-hire headcount during a recession, but they will hire temporary contractors to complete important projects. Shrewd recruiters know this and can earn steady income during a recession by offering contract staffing to their clients.

FoxHire’s process

Here’s How You Start Making Money

  1. Find Participants

    Find a Client and Candidate who are willing to participate in a contract position
  2. Create a Free Account

    Create a free Account and start running quotes to determine the bill rate, and pay rate, and what you’ll earn!
  3. Provide Basic Information

    Provide some basic information about your potential placement. We’ll verify the terms of your placement to make sure everything goes smoothly.
What Happens Next?
We’ll Take It From There!
  1. Facilitate Candidate Paperwork

    We give your contractor access to where they electronically complete their employee onboarding paperwork.
  2. Acquire Client Contract Agreement

    We’ll send your client our Client Services Agreement and Addendum to accept and electronically approve
  3. We Begin Invoicing

    We invoice your client for the hours your contractor worked.
  4. Pay Your Contractor

    We fund your contractor’s payroll and pay them weekly by direct deposit.
We Pay You!

We direct deposit your earnings into your bank account, and you start making money!