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FoxHire is an extremely easy to use Employer of Record (EOR) service used by Recruiters, Staffing Firms, and Corporate HR Departments. We become the legal W-2 employer of technical and professional workers who prefer working on short-term contract assignments.

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Using our employer of record service is a cost-effective way for recruiting, staffing, and HR professionals to eliminate all of the administrative headaches associated with payroll and many other time-consuming HR functions.  We are especially helpful when dealing with the myriad of payroll and employment laws when you need workers in multiple states.

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We do not do any recruiting.  You supply the candidate and we put them on our payroll as our W-2 employee.  We pay the necessary employee and employer taxes including Federal Income Tax (FIT), State Income Tax (SIT), and Social Security and Medicare (FICA), Federal Unemployment Tax(FUTA), and State Unemployment Tax(SUI).