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Texas Based University’s Story

The university is a private and independent school, dedicated to the “advancement of letters, science, and art.”​ They attract a diverse group of highly talented students with a range of academic studies that includes humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, architecture, music, and business management… The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department provides high quality undergraduate and graduate degree programs, which emphasize fundamental principles that respond to and create technological change.

Hires in 4 States

Employees were hired in four different states that the university would not have otherwise been able to hire without FoxHire’s nationwide employer of record serivces.

Increased Retention

of employees that moved away from Texas to states like North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Washington, without the University needing to establish an entity in those states. This enabled them to keep their employees and not worry about out of state taxes, workers compensation, and more.

User Friendly and Understandable. I've used the FoxHire software for about two years setting up placements with my clients. It is very easy to use, intuitive and serves all my needs.

Bill Young President, Dr. William D. Young

The University’s Goal

This university was struggling to retain and hire top talent due to the increase in remote work due to COVID-19. They were also going through a software implementation, which had their systems down for months. Their goal was to hire and retain top talent, nationwide, while dealing with these circumstances.

The University’s Solution

After an advisor referred them to FoxHire, they found that FoxHire’s EOR services could solve their challenges. They decided to partner with FoxHire due to their strong software platform, and world class employment capabilities. This allowed them to hire employees for multiple departments, in multiple locations, in a matter of hours.

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