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Build your contingent healthcare team with our innovative Employer of Record platform

Healthcare licenses

We provide comprehensive licenses and certifications nationwide, from healthcare staffing licenses to nursing pool licenses, so you can rest assured we’re fully compliant.

Risk-free hiring

You can scale up or down without worrying about healthcare hiring risks like worker’s compensation, unemployment claims, overtime wage compliance, and more.

Easy onboarding

We manage all onboarding and credentialing needs in-house, not overseas. This includes license verification, immunizations, SAM, OIG, drug screens, and background checks.


FoxHire’s platform is packed full of time-saving, efficiency-boosting features that completely eliminate your contract hiring headaches.

Background Checks

With license verification, drug screens, and background checks we guarantee worker credibility

Worker’s Compensation Claims

FoxHire processes and manages any worker’s compensation claims, taking on the risk for you

Timesheet Collection

FoxHire collects your employee’s timesheets to calculate their earnings correctly

Benefits Administration

Improve employee retention with world-class health benefits and 401(k) savings plans

Payroll Processing

Our payroll and accounting experts ensure your workers get paid on time and compliantly

Immigration Authorization

We make sure your workers can legally work in the US with I-9 & E-Verification

Credentialing and Quality Assurance Services

Compliance is essential to ensuring patient and employee safety, protecting your organization and mitigating the risk of citations and fines. Our proprietary platform ensures full compliance with all applicable regulations during onboarding and ensures continuous monitoring for all placements. We monitor compliance continuously and send notifications to ensure files are appropriately updated prior to expiration to avoid any pauses in assignments.

License Verification

The process by which a license is confirmed to be active. Every professional license is verified with the issuing entity via public license search.

Reconciliation for RN and LPN

Each license is reconciled via the state boards of nursing to ensure that the license provided matches the SSN and DOB provided by the candidate. Through this process, FoxHire has helped multiple recruiters and clients to identify cases of license fraud. In addition, FoxHire’s Nursys enterprise level API monitors each license on a daily basis for any new sanctions or restrictions ensuring you receive real time notification and guidance from the FoxHire team.

Reconciliation for all other professional licenses

The candidate is required to upload a copy of their license via our secure portal. This additional step confirms the employee as the license holder in those instances where the licensing authority cannot provide reconciliation information.

Certification Verification

All certifications are reviewed based on industry and client standards. FoxHire will ensure certifications are appropriate for the given role, current, and issued by the preferred entity.

Employee Health Documentation

Requirements can vary greatly depending on the state, the client and the role. FoxHire will ensure all employee health records are verified to meet the applicable standards. We provide employees with a detailed list of requirements, make documents available for client review/download upon approval via our secure portals, maintain compliance through automated prompts when documents are set to expire, and assist with ordering tests and immunizations needed for employment.

Case studies

A complete Employer of Record (EOR) platform for onboarding, payroll, and compliance – so you can hire without the hassle.