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Employer of Record for Colleges, Universities, and K-12 School Disctricts.

Effortless onboarding

“We complete all your onboarding requirements, so you don’t have to. Our USA based team checks your worker’s credentials, coordinates drug screens, does background checks, and more.

Hire talent anywhere

Want to hire remote employees but don’t want to deal with local taxes or set up entities? With FoxHire, you only need to worry about finding the right person for the job: we’ll do the rest.

Stay on budget

Avoid red tape and hire educational talent anywhere in the US and abroad – without exceeding your headcount budgets or having to limit workers to a certain amount of hours.



Ensure local compliance measures are met. Have peace of mind that your employees are properly classified, onboarded, paid and ensured

Benefits Administration

Improve employee retention with world-class health benefits and 401(k) savings plans

Payroll Processing

Our payroll and accounting experts ensure your workers get paid on time and compliantly

Employee Onboarding

No more admin headaches, we fully onboard new employees with online document signing

Certificate of Insurance

We provide a COI to our clients showing the details of our insurance policies

Unemployment Claims

If your employee is terminated, we manage their unemployment claims through our platform

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A complete Employer of Record (EOR) platform for onboarding, payroll, and compliance – so you can hire without the hassle.