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Office & Clerical

Hire office or clerical talent anywhere in the US – we’ll take care of the rest.

Hire anywhere

Want to hire office and clerical staff based elsewhere but don’t want to establish an entity or deal with local and state taxes? Just focus on finding the best person: we’ll do the rest.

Full onboarding

You’ll never have to spend precious time onboarding office or clerical staff again, we onboard staff with background and drug checks, online employee documents, and more.

Benefits packages

We offer world-class benefits packages including 401(k) savings plans, medical insurance, and more to help you maintain high employee satisfaction and retention.


Our platform is packed full of time-saving, efficiency-boosting features that completely eliminate your contract hiring headaches.

Benefits Administration

Improve employee retention with world-class health benefits and 401(k) savings plans

Employee Onboarding

No more admin headaches, we fully onboard new employees with online document signing

Payroll Processing

Our payroll and accounting experts ensure your workers get paid on time and compliantly

Employee Terminations

Nobody likes firing staff, so why not leave this sensitive process to FoxHire

Payroll Tax Filing

We deposit and file all State and Federal payroll taxes like SIT, FIT, and FICA

24/7 HR Support

We’ll become your entire HR back office with reliable support to keep employees happy

Case studies

User Friendly and Understandable. I've used the FoxHire software for about two years setting up placements with my clients. It is very easy to use, intuitive and serves all my needs.

Bill Young
President, Dr. William D. Young

It is very easy to reach our customer service contact and she is very responsive. She even asked the IT team to reformat a report to make it easier to print.

Cynthia Strzelecki
Owner, Spyglass Search

Great product to track your contracting business details. Great company, very good service and support.

Kinga Wilson
CEO & Owner, Insight Recruitment

Set it and forget it! Overall experience was great. The FoxHire team takes care of 95% of the setup and explains everything clearly throughout the process.

Geoffrey Snyder
Founder & Managing Consultant, Rightly

A complete Employer of Record (EOR) platform for onboarding, payroll, and compliance – so you can hire without the hassle.