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The Company’s Story

This organization is based in Wellington New Zealand, and produces an innovative pharmaceutical product sold to hospital systems and healthcare organizations. They are growing quickly and finding demand all over the world for their solution. They are a fast moving organization with needs that arise quickly due to the nature of the solution they offer. However, they had zero boots on the ground in the USA prior to speaking with FoxHire.

Hired in 2 Weeks

Once the company identified the employee they wanted to hire, FoxHire was able to hire the sales person within 14 days.

Dallas, TX

The employee was based in Dallas, TX. Employment laws in Dallas differ from the state of Texas as a whole. FoxHire is well versed in that location and streamlined the compliance process instantly as the EOR.

I have been contracting for many years, dealing with many different consultant companies. FoxHire by far is one of the best. From your front end portal, to your personnel, you guys definitely do it well, exceeding all expectations

Joe C. Contract Worker

The Company’s Goal

When this pharmaceutical company was looking to expand into the USA they did not know where to start. They only knew that they needed to find a rock star sales person to begin selling to clients in the USA. Their US based demand was growing, and they needed some boots on the ground near their biggest customer in Dallas, TX. However, they had no way to establish an entity, nor get the necessary employment law knowledge to employ this new sales person quickly.

The Company’s Solution

After working with a recruiting agency to find the right candidate, the company was able to onboard their new employee via FoxHire’s software in minutes. From there FoxHire’s onboarding and compliance experts ensured their new employee felt like a part of their team, even though FoxHire was the EOR. By quickly onboarding and ensuring employment law compliance, our solution enabled the company to focus on their goals of growing their US client base, rather than foreign employment law compliance. The employee has been on board for over a year, and is contributing to the company’s growth!

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