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Our story

You may have known us as “Top Echelon Contracting,” which was our name for almost two decades! Since simplifying our Employer of Record (EOR) platform, however, we decided to go with a simpler name, too; FoxHire.

A lot has happened in the HR and recruitment world since our inception in 1992, from the global remote working revolution to the great resignation. But, one thing that has remained the same is our dedication to our clients and our core values of trust, reliability, and quality.

FoxHire’s innovative EOR platform makes hiring top talent anywhere easy. No more admin burdens, no more payroll, no more compliance worries (that’s our job). As a legal Employer of Record, we help you hire – without the hassle.

We’re now celebrating 30 years of supporting employers and recruiting firms in growing their business and simplifying the hiring process with 25,000+ workers hired through our platform (and counting)!

Our Mission

To simplify employment through cutting edge software and world class character.

We believe employment should be simple. Laws, regulations, taxes and other barriers make things difficult. This causes confusion and poses major risks to business leaders looking to hire or place contract and remote employees. We set out to solve this issue many years ago, and today we enable thousands of people to enjoy their work without all the complexities.

Our Vision

To be the most powerful and easiest to work with EOR platform on earth.

In order to make employment simple, we have invested thousands of man hours and millions of dollars into our EOR platform. We strive every day to progressively improve our technology so that we can be the best and easiest EOR platform to work with on earth.

A complete Employer of Record (EOR) platform for onboarding, payroll, and compliance – so you can hire without the hassle.