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When you are looking for new contracting job orders, don’t overlook your smaller clients.

Contract staffing is not just for large corporations anymore. In fact, according to the American Express Small Business Forum, “Small business owners have dramatically increased their use of contractors,” and the money they have spent on contracting over the past nine years has doubled.

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Here are some of the main reasons smaller employers hire contractors:

  1. To gain flexibility because contractors can be added or subtracted easily in response to the ebbs and flows of their businesses.
  2. To gain specialized skills not found in-house for specific projects.
  3. To “test drive” candidates prior to direct-hire.
  4. To provide benefits and health insurance for contract workers at no cost because they are provided through the recruitment back-office.

Many recruiters have found that smaller clients can be easier to work with, as well. There are generally less hoops to jump through and fewer decision-makers who have to sign-off on the new hire. So if you are craving more contract placements, you may want to widen your net to include some of the smaller businesses in your niche.

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