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Having trouble finding candidates willing to relocate? Well, according to a recent article fromHuman Resource Executive, you need look no further than the youngest crop of workers.

According to the article, where previous generations, particularly Generation X, have been reluctant to relocate, Millennials have been willing, if not eager to pick up and move.  In fact, 80% say they are willing to move for the right job, and many are requesting jobs outside their current geographic locations.

So why are Millennials more apt to move for a job than older workers? The article offers several possible reasons:

  • They are looking to build their resumes and increase income.
  • Recent college grads have found job prospects near home are slim.
  • As the first generation raised on the Internet, they are confident they can easily stay in touch with loved ones.
  • Most do not yet have children.
  • Most do not own a house that they would have to sell if they relocate.

This willingness to relocate is yet another reason that Millennials make ideal contract candidatesContract assignments often require relocation on a short-term basis. Millennials, unencumbered by children or mortgages, are willing to make the temporary move to gain experience and see somewhere new.  That, in addition to their ability to learn quickly and their desire to quickly make a difference, make Millennials uniquely suited to contract assignments.

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