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The fact of the matter is that there’s a lot of fear involved when it comes to contract staffing. More specifically, there are many direct-hire recruiters who don’t offer contracting services to their client companies because they’re afraid. What, exactly, they’re afraid of varies from person to person, but there are some common fears.

Of course, in order to conquer fears, you must face them. With that in mind, I intend to address the fears that some recruiters harbor in regards to contract staffing.

As you might imagine, the best way in which to face fears is to do so with the help of people who have already conquered them (in this case, recruiters who have enjoyed tremendous success with contracting). FoxHire conducted a survey of direct-hire recruiters who also do contracting and utilize the back-office services of FoxHire. In that survey, recruiters identified five major fears associated with contract staffing.

I’ll be exploring those five fears in my next several blog posts.

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