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one steel spring with semicircular shape (3d render)In today’s ever-challenging business environment, flexibility can be difficult to come by, and ironically, it’s just when you need it the most that it seems to be in the shortest supply.

Hiring is no different. When certain conditions arise, it’s often difficult to utilize traditional avenues for solving hiring problems. As a result, it’s critical that companies remain open to alternative staffing solutions, ones that can not only meet a need, but also provide a measure of flexibility in the process.

Quick-start-CTADo your clients currently find themselves in one of the following situations (or have so in the past)?

1. Do they consider hiring somebody on a direct-hire basis just too risky at this point?
2. Are they experiencing a hiring freeze that prohibits them from hiring somebody on a direct basis?
3. Would like they like to closely evaluate a candidate’s skills before offering full-time employment?
4. Do they have a special project that needs to be completed within a specific timeframe, but don’t want to add full-time staff?

These are just some of the situations in which alternative staffing solutions—which include contracting—can help your clients overcome the obstacles and meet the hiring challenges you’re presently facing. Would you be able to help your clients if they needed help with one of the situations listed above? What would you tell them? That you couldn’t help them… or would you do anything you could in order to meet their needs?

(In my next blog entry, I’ll discuss specific ways you can use alternative staffing solutions such as contract staffing to meet more of your clients’ needs, become a preferred vendor, and generate additional streams of revenue.)

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