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Even as the economy is starting to brighten up, client companies are still watching their budgets closely. So it’s no surprise that many of them are balking at the recruiting fees that come with direct placements. As a result, some recruiters may be losing placements from client companies that are just not prepared for the large initial payout.

How to Eliminate Sticker Shock:

Some recruiters have found a creative way around this. They offer to place candidates on a contract-to-direct hire basis rather than direct. That way, a client company can pay the recruiting fee throughout a contract assignment rather than in one lump sum.

Payment Over Time

The only difference for you is that you don’t get the big, one-time fee. But getting it a little bit at a time is better than not getting it at all, right? Plus, if the contract portion lasts longer than expected, you can earn more. You may find that you like having a steady stream of income rather than the traditional peaks and valleys that come with recruiting.

If the only thing holding potential clients back from using your candidates is your recruiting fee, then contract-to-direct hire can offer a simple solution. An option that doesn’t cost you any extra time or money.

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