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Coming off a record-breaking year, contract staffing can now be found in nearly every industry across the United States.  But there are some industries that seem especially prone to use contractors. FoxHire’s 2013 contract placement statistics reveal the hot industries for contract staffing:

  1. Healthcare- 31%
  2. Business Professionals/Support Staff – 20%
  3. Engineering/Manufacturing – 15%
  4. Information Technology – 13%
  5. Finance/Accounting – 12%
  6. Legal/HR/Recruiting – 7%
  7. Sales/Marketing – 2%

There are some interesting developments behind these numbers. In Healthcare, for instance, we are noticing not only placements in traditional healthcare positions (therapists, pharmacists, nurses, etc.), but we are also seeing some “crossovers” into Engineering and Information Technology for placements in the Biomedical and Health IT fields.

Manufacturing/Engineering is back in a big way. In fact, there is talk of a labor shortage as manufacturers begin to bring work back on-shore and need highly skilled workers. Likewise, Information Technology is experiencing talent shortages in some areas as technology continues to evolve at warp speed. Contracting is hot in both of these areas due to the nature of the work. We are noticing these industries driving a trend toward a new blended workforce model in which companies maintain a small core of direct hire workers supported by a larger outer ring of contractors.

Looking ahead, we expect to see continued growth in all of these areas and in contract staffing as a whole.

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