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This blog was started earlier this year (in April, specifically), and since that time, there’s been just one writer. That writer is me—Debbie Fledderjohann, President of FoxHire, LLC. However, that will change in the near future. Every so often, there will be guest writers featured at this blog site.

Some of these writers are well-known and respected trainers and speakers within the recruiting industry, while others are contracting professionals and temporary staffing specialists. We value their expertise and we welcome their input and contributions to our blog. Our goal is to create a blog site that provides the latest and most up-to-date news, information, and analysis regarding contract staffing in today’s employment marketplace, and we believe this change in format will allow us to more readily achieve that objective.

With the New Year rapidly approaching, we’d like to know what you want from this blog. Our blog site will continue to evolve and grow throughout 2010 and beyond, and we want to use your feedback to help shape the future of the site.

You can email all ideas regarding this blog site to

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