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FoxHire today announced the launch of their open API documentation, which will enable staffing firms, gig platforms, and other organizations to unify their timesheet and invoicing processes. This new functionality comes after years of developing a world class Employer of Record (EOR) platform, which can now be accessed by developers and the contingent workforce ecosystem.

For many years staffing firms, their clients, and vendor management systems have struggled to unify timesheet and invoicing data. Historically, there has never been a single source of truth for that data. This has caused many organizations to solve that problem by requiring staff to enter timesheet data in multiple systems, or to manually transcribe data from one system to another. These processes cause confusion, and waste thousands of work hours every year for the staffing and contingent workforce industry.

To solve that problem FoxHire’s API allows their EOR platform users to pull data directly from their timesheet system in order to populate any other system they might be using. This API will enable smooth and accurate timesheet data transfer, ensuring there are no discrepancies between systems, and avoiding human error. This will also prevent contractors and consultants from having to “double punch” their time into multiple systems when using the API, improving the candidate experience.

“We’ve heard our customers and candidates struggle with the ever increasing complexity of more systems being introduced into the staffing world for years. VMS, ATS, T&E, and other systems complicate the staffing process. The goal of automation is noble, but the challenges created by competing systems of record have forced contingent workforce participants like us to adapt. We are happy to say that we will no longer contribute to this problem, but rather we offer a solution to unify disparate systems with clean and accurate data.”, said Colin LaBeau, President of FoxHire.

FoxHire’s API allows the below information to be taken from their proprietary time and expense system, along with other reports, and information listed below.

Data available via API:

  • Total Daily Contractor hours
  • Total Weekly Contractor Hours
  • Overtime Hours
  • Double Time Hours
  • Paid Leave Hours
  • Bill Rate Data
  • Pay Rate Data

About FoxHire: FoxHire is a global Employer of Record (EOR) platform that offers back office capabilities to staffing firms, recruiting firms, and corporate HR departments. FoxHire’s technology enables their customers to place and hire contingent and remote workers all over the world. FoxHire has been in business since 1992 and has successfully supported thousands of businesses in their contract and remote hiring needs. FoxHire has customers globally and in every industry, but has specific expertise in healthcare, education, and technology industries.

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