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Many recruiters shy away from contracting because they think it is too complicated. But as we pointed out in our last blog post, with a contracting back-office, the process is actually very similar to a direct-hire placement. But is contract staffing EASIER than direct hire? Many recruiters say yes because:


  • Hiring managers are not as picky about contract candidates because they just want someone who can get the job done regardless of whether they fit the corporate culture.  And they know they can end the contract if things don’t work out. No more pressure to find the “perfect” candidate!
  • As a result, contract placements happen more quickly than direct-hire placements, sometimes in just a few days or even hours!
  • Contracting income arrives on a steady, predictable basis.  You don’t have to worry when your next check is coming like you do with direct-hire placements.
  • The contracting back-office generates invoices and collects from the clients, not you.
So contrary to some recruiters’ belief, contracting is NOT hard and is in fact easier in many ways when compared to direct-hire. And it can help you draw another, more predictable source of income while allowing you to meet ALL of your clients’ needs. All you have to do is let your clients know you provide contract staffing.

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