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Be-a-one-stop-shop-2071What’s just as important to hiring managers and companies these days as flexibility? Time, that’s what.

These days, time is just as much of a precious commodity as cash flow or other valuable resources. Companies can’t afford to waste time in any of their various endeavors, and this includes the hiring of important personnel. The hiring process is often wrought with time drains, which serve to severely hinder productivity in a number of different ways.

Quick-start-CTAManagers are always looking for ways in which to do things more efficiently—and effectively. That’s why they gravitate toward using only a few search firms to fill their open positions. The fewer, the better, as a matter of fact. That approach cuts down on complexity and saves time. As a result, when they work with a recruiting firm that offers both direct-hire and contract staffing services, they have access to a “one-stop shop” for all of their needs.

They don’t have to make an endless number of phone calls in order to find the people they need and hire them in the manner that makes the most sense. By engaging in this type of sole-source relationship with a recruiter (namely you) , they can maximize not only their time, but also their opportunity to find—and then secure—the best and brightest candidates in the industry.

You want your clients to think of YOU every time they have a hiring need… no matter what that need is, direct, contract, or temp-to-direct. Adding contracting to your business model can position you as a sole-source provider and a one-stop shop, giving you the edge you need over your competition.

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