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In my last post, I announced that guest writers would be featured at this blog site in the near future… and that future is rapidly approaching! That’s because our next post will be the first in a series from a leading trainer and speaker in the recruiting industry— Barb Bruno, CPC/CTS of Good as Gold Training and Development, Inc.

Barb brings with her nearly 30 years of experience in search, retained search, contract, temp, and training. Good as Gold Training and Development specializes in training for the employment and sales professions. Barb’s scope of knowledge includes direct placement, retained search, temporary placement, and contract. Her programs on attracting, hiring, training, and retaining top producers has been presented to many Fortune 500 companies throughout the Midwest.

Barb has also served as a speaker and trainer for FoxHire, the leading split placement network of recruiters and a preferred vendor of FoxHire. She’s presented keynote sessions at FoxHire Network conferences and conventions.

Barb’s upcoming series for Contracting Corner is titled “Give Your Clients What They Want — You!” In these economic times, client development and retention is of paramount importance, and Barb has keen insight regarding how you can excel in this crucial area.

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