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 Happy family with children on a white backgroundWe talk a lot about why clients love contracting: flexibility, cost savings, reduced liability, etc. But what about the candidates?

Well, there is plenty for them to love about contracting as well. That’s why so many candidates are not only willing to work on contract but actually prefer contracting. Contracting fits all age groups, from fresh grads to retirees for the following reasons:

1.Contract Training Kit Flexibility – Contractors have more flexibility to prioritize and balance their personal life versus their work schedule.

2. Earning Potential – Contractors are paid for every hour worked.

3. Benefits – The contracting back-office should provide a full menu of benefits. For example, FoxHire employees are offered medical insurance through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield as well as dental, vision, life, and 401(k).

4. Bolster resume – Contractors can gain new skills and knowledge in their contract assignments that may help them in future job hunts.

5. Opportunity to travel – Opportunities exist all over the United States, so candidates can experience new places and cultures.

6. Get their foot in the door – Companies often look to their contractors when looking to staff full-time positions.

7. Overcome being overqualified – Companies are more willing to hire someone who is overqualified on a contract basis.

8. Alternative to relocation – When the jobs run dry in a worker’s home area, contracting allows them to take jobs elsewhere without having to commit to moving permanently.

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