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According to Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” The same could be said of hiring. Despite companies best hiring efforts, they are often unpleasantly surprised by what they get.

Citing Careerbuilder stats, a recent article from the Staffing Stream titled “When Bad Hires Happen to Good Companies” states that seven out of 10 companies were affected by a bad hire in 2012. In addition, 41% estimated the cost of that bad hire to be over $25,500, while 24% put the cost at more than $50,000.

That’s why many companies turn to recruiters like you to help prevent the dreaded bad hire. The Staffing Stream article recommends some steps to help you ensure that clients are happy with what they get:

  1. Know your client. Having clients complete a survey is a great way to get to know the client and their needs.
  2. Consider clients’ culture. Being a “good hire” is more than just having the right skills set. Good hires must also be a good cultural fit.
  3. Look beyond local candidates. Many star candidates will relocate for the right opportunity.
  4. Follow up. Keep in touch with the client and the new hire throughout the first year to ensure both parties are happy.

We would add one more suggestion:

5. Offer contract staffing as a solution. According to the article, 75% of companies said their bad hire resulted from the need to hire someone quickly. Instead of rushing to select a direct hire, employers can instead bring contractors in to fill the gap until they find the right person. Or if they think the contractor could be that person, they can try them on a contract-to-direct basis instead of diving right into a direct hire commitment. During the contract period, they can evaluate the candidate’s skills and extend the direct hire offer when they are satisfied that they have indeed found a star player. When that happens, you can get a conversion fee on top of the hourly rate you earn while the candidate is on contract. If the contractor doesn’t meet expectations, they can simply end the contract and try someone else.

How about you? What are your suggestions for making sure a candidate is the right fit for a job order?

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