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In some ways, the field of healthcare staffing is more challenging than ever. Like many industries, there are more jobs than candidates. Whether the healthcare position is clinical or administrative, finding healthcare talent is hard. But at the same time, we’re in the thick of the Great Resignation, where four million people in the last six months quit their jobs. For healthcare staffing recruiters, those numbers offer an opportunity to connect with a candidate seeking greener pastures. 

No matter how you look at it though, healthcare staffing is an industry that is changing rapidly. What trends are impacting work as we know it today? We have three that may surprise you. 

What Current Trends Are There in Healthcare Staffing?

Healthcare Staffing Trend 1—Telemedicine

Clinical teams now need a good dose of “webside manner.” Why? Because virtual visits, in the form of telemedicine house calls, are here to stay. The market for telemedicine is expected to explode in the coming years. While the technology has been around for decades, it took the global pandemic for it to really catch on with both doctors and patients. For healthcare staffing agencies, this not only means that recruiters are doing more of the virtual screening of candidates, but they must look for the clinical provider that is also just as good with patients on-screen as face-to-face.  

Healthcare Staffing Trend 2—AI Automation

Increasing adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) tools will change healthcare processes forever. The digital tools we’re using in the healthcare space are growing increasingly intuitive and smart. As these tools change, healthcare workflows will too. For example, manual, time-consuming administrative tasks can now be automated to save healthcare workers’ time. Doctors are interacting more with smart machines that help with clinical decisions making in areas such as creating flags for prescription interactions in patients that can cause them harm. Even patients are increasingly affected by these tools, using them to self-schedule appointments or for educational materials that can help them with chronic conditions. Increasingly, healthcare staffing agencies will need to look for tech-savvy workers in this industry to keep up with these changes. 

Healthcare Staffing Trend 3—Outsourcing  

More healthcare organizations are seeking to outsource staffing, whether it is full-time clinical or per-diem, contract helpers, or hourly on-the-ground maintenance teams. Forbes describes these new outsourced models in this way:
“What if you ran your hospital less like a big box business and more like a shopping mall? In this kind of model, you could attract only the best offerings, with full authority over which brands provide which services. You could focus on what you’re good at—operating suites and ICUs—and outsourcing the rest…This future of specialist-run healthcare isn’t some distant vision. It’s here now.” 

Today, 90% of healthcare executives are exploring cost savings through relationships with third-party vendors. That’s good news for healthcare staffing agencies. It’s also a good trend for an employer of record (EOR) like FoxHire.

What Trends Are You Following?

We work closely with both recruiting firms and employers to provide them with a turnkey way to manage their hiring and employment needs. We bring the technology, processes, and talent to help businesses respond to a changing world. Contact us and find out how we can help your business. 

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