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During the last quarter, we’ve been building numerous software enhancements and continue to implement changes behind the scenes on a daily basis. Below, you’ll find some of the forward facing updates you may have encountered.

Auto Submission of Timesheets

We added updates to our timekeeping system to allow timesheets to get auto-submitted each week on behalf of employees who are working salary positions. If this is a feature you’d like to implement for your staff, please reach out to our team!

Biweekly Payroll

We’re excited to announce that in addition to weekly payroll frequency, we can now support biweekly payroll for our employees.

Bill and Pay Additions to Recruiter Portal Reports

The Recruiter Portal has a number of reports that provide detailed bill and pay information that can be used for various reporting purposes. We’ve added more information to these reports to allow quicker calculations of commission for your staffing agencies.

Request Help and Submit Feedback

We’ve added feedback links to allow easy submission of help requests and feedback directly from your FoxHire Portal. Our team will receive those requests and quickly solve any issues you are encountering in our platform.

E-Verify Integration

Speed of onboarding is something we are continually working to improve as we know time is of the essence when it comes to getting employees working. We’ve completed an integration with E-Verify that will help speed up the onboarding process for our employees.

Adding our E-sign Functionality to Client Contracts

We’ve added e-sign functionality to our client contracts that are sent electronically to our clients to help automate our client approval process.

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