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The FoxHire team has been releasing a lot of exciting updates to our software over the last quarter. Although most of our major updates and automations have been behind the scenes, there were some note-worthy changes that you may have seen in the user-portals.  Check out some of our software updates below!

Fieldglass Timesheet Integration

We finalized an integration with SAP Fieldglass which will allow us to automatically pull approved timesheet data from Fieldglass into our FoxHire timesheets. This will allow smooth interactions for our employees who are working with SAP Fieldglass and help to reduce payroll reconciliations for those placements.

Integration with Loxo

We partnered with leading applicant tracking software, Loxo! Loxo reduces time to hire, cuts costs, and helps recruiters find higher-quality talent. This integration makes using Loxo and FoxHire together a more seamless experience for recruiters.

Added Comments to Scheduled Payments

We added the ability for our users to add comments when they are scheduling payments in their FoxHire Portal. This allows them to specify what those payments are for as they are creating them.

Days Past Due Added to Invoice Status Report

There was a column added to our Invoice Status Report that will show users the number of days that invoices are past due. This will allow our users and FoxHire to know the exact status of their invoices and help ensure expedited payment.

Pay Invoices via ACH in Client Portal

We added a way for our clients to pay invoices through the Client Portal. Once you pre-fill out the ACH information, you’ll be able to select the invoices you’d like to pay and simply submit payment securely through the portal. This was an invoicing feature that we added along with other major behind-the-scenes automations.

Automation Improvements to Orientation Confirmation and Performance Evaluations

Confirming the orientation date and receiving performance evaluations are two important parts to any healthcare placement. We launched an update to automate the sending of emails to receive those two pieces of information for any healthcare placement through FoxHire. This will ensure an easy user experience for our clients and employees providing this information.

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