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The FoxHire team has been releasing a lot of exciting updates to our software over the last quarter.  These changes include ways to get the information you need more quickly via our exciting new API as well as updates to help us communicate with our employees more effectively via text messaging and improvements to increase the speed of their onboarding experience.  Check out all of our updates below!

Resource New Menu Item in Recruiter Portal

We’ve added a new section to our Portals that will house key resources that could be helpful for our users.  Keep an eye out for this section and the resources within!

Direct Deposit Form Updates

We want our onboarding experience to be as quick and easy as possible for our employees.  We have made updates to the Direct Deposit Form that is part of the onboarding process to help our users get this information to us accurately and quickly.

Text Notifications for Employees

We are always looking for ways to better communicate with our employees.  We have added a way for our employees to sign up for text reminders for reminders such as their onboarding paperwork and timesheets.

Placement Summary Export Functionality

We now give you the ability to see all of your placement data and easily export it so that you can use it for whatever or wherever you want.

Permanent Invoices Added to Invoice Status Report

You have always been able to track invoices that were sent as part of your placements.  We now also give you the ability to track the status of any permanent or temp to perm invoices that we send on your behalf.

API Documentation – Employee Time and Pay

Our new API allows our customers to pull data directly from our timesheet system in order to populate any other system that you might be using. This API will enable smooth and accurate timesheet data transfer, ensuring there are no discrepancies between systems, and avoiding human error.

Schedule a Payment Page

We created a page that will allow you to submit payment requests for your placements.  This can be used for bonuses or other types of one time payments that are needed throughout the placement.

CA Missed Meal Premium Added to Employee Timesheets

We pride ourselves in compliance and this update helps us track and assign the proper hours on a timesheet for the California Missed Meal Premium law. 

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