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Are you a recruiter who absolutely loves recruiting—locating job orders, hunting down candidates, and the sweet satisfaction of making that match?

Do you hate spending time on administrative tasks that, while necessary, just don’t seem to do anything for your bottom line?

Do you want to offer your clients a full-service staffing solution, but you just aren’t prepared to take on the time and expense of becoming an Employer of Record for contract employees?

Then it may be time to consider outsourcing the Employer of Record responsibilities to a back-office.

Don’t let the administrative details of making contract placements stress you out! Use FoxHire’s Employer of Record Services to free you from the boring details, and start making more placements.

Wait a Second… Why Do You Need to Be “Full-Service” Recruiter?

Recruiters, by now you probably know that contract staffing can be an important part of your recruiting business strategy. Among other considerations, contract staffing can:

  • Provide you with an additional and consistent source of income – how much do staffing recruiters make?
  • Offer your clients flexibility and cost savings with temp-to-hire contract arrangements, 1099-to-W-2 conversions, and project-based contract jobs.
  • Recession-proof your business to get you through the inevitable economic downturns.
  • Bring you up to date with the business world’s shift toward a blended workforce model.
  • Make your firm a one-stop shop for your clientsno more turning away contract job orders!
  • Help you retain your existing clients in the long term and attract new ones.

Of course, all of these great benefits do come with an additional drain on your time and resources—but only if you handle both the front-office and the back-office tasks.

3 Benefits of Using a Back-Office Employer of Record

  1. Your firm can offer full-service staffing solutions—FAST. Getting a back-office up and running can take months of blood, sweat, and tears. By outsourcing to a provider of back-office support solutions, you can have a contract placement up and running within hours, effortlessly. Accept contract job orders NOW, not months from now.
  2. No worries about financing and legal issues. Starting your own back-office means wading into the deep end of funding, payroll processing, employment law, benefits, employer taxes, contracts, ACA compliance, and liability and unemployment insurance, to name just a few. These considerations are complex and time-consuming at best, and the consequences of slipping up are costly. Electing to use an established back-office Employer of Record lets you bypass all of that cost, effort, and liability.
  3. Do what you love and outsource everything else. Most importantly – you can spend your time and effort on the front-office parts of your job you enjoy (recruiting!) while your back-office Employer of Record handles the rest.

Let’s be honest: you probably didn’t get into recruiting because you love doing paperwork and processing payroll. However, as a savvy recruiter with your finger on the pulse of the job market, you likely realize contract staffing is an inevitable part of a bright recruiting future. Using a back-office Employer of Record offers the perfect compromise and allows you to enjoy the benefits of contract staffing without the difficulties.

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A complete Employer of Record (EOR) platform for onboarding, payroll, and compliance – so you can hire without the hassle.