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How do the top earners in the recruiting field hit such high numbers? Why can’t your agency emulate these successes? Maybe you’re doing well, but you’d like to aim higher. What are you missing?

We’re going to let you in on a big secret top-performing recruiting firms already know. The top staffing agencies know how to maximize the time their recruiters spend doing one thing: finding talent. How do they manage this? They focus on maximizing the efficiency of their recruiting team. They minimize mundane administrative tasks and keep their recruiters on the hunt. That’s their secret—and here’s how you can do it, too.

How Does Hiring an HR Expert Help Your Recruiting Business?

How Much Time Does the Average Recruiter Spend on Administrative Tasks?

Recruiters spend way too much time on administrative tasks. In fact, the data shows each one of your recruiters loses the equivalent of almost two days every week to admin tasks.

How many more candidates could they close with those two days a week. That’s eight days a month and 24 days (almost a month!) every quarter. Are you starting to see it? Why are your recruiters acting as administrative assistants instead of sourcing and “selling” jobs to candidates? We encourage you to sit down and consider all the admin tasks that the average recruiter in your firm handles. Ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is this task a core recruiting function?
  2. Does this task contribute directly to acquiring talent?

If you can’t answer “Yes” to both questions, you need to dump the task from the recruiter’s plate to maximize their productivity. How can you do this and still accomplish critical back office tasks?

What Not to Do

The most-used approach, frankly, is also wrong. That would be hiring an administrative assistant to help with the HR-related and recruiting paperwork that’s taking up so much production time. But you must find, hire, train, and manage that person. Once that person is up to speed, they might be able to help. But there is still the additional administrative burden of handling that new employee. What if there was a way to completely eliminate the administrative tasks that your recruiting team faces? Is that a pipe dream?

How Recruiting Firms Work Smarter

Smart recruiting firms can outsource hiring functions to an employer of record (EOR) like FoxHire. Outsourcing the admin tasks to a company like ours is smart because we have tools that can automate many mundane tasks that bog down your recruiters. We can even handle payroll functions and timesheet tracking for all of your contractors! From onboarding and training to workers’ comp and taxes, an EOR like FoxHire can handle all of the HR functions of your firm. Given the productivity increase, your recruiters will experience, our service literally pays for itself!

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