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For many recruiters, a direct-hire placement is always the answer when it comes to meeting the needs of their clients. But for the hiring manager, a direct hire isn’t necessarily always the answer. The employment world just isn’t that black-and-white. There are a hundred shades of gray and often a limited cache of resources. Consequently, for hiring managers, the answer is always this one: whatever it takes to get the job done.

Conversion Fee samplesRecruiters who can provide ways in which “to get the job done” are the ones with whom hiring managers will align themselves. If direct hire is the only answer—or option—that you give them, they may pass you by for one of the following options:

1. Contract staffing—This option provides flexibility to complete a project without the long-term commitment (and cost) of a direct- hire placement.

2. Contract-to-direct—This option is more popular than many direct-hire recruiters might realize. The reason? It’s the one that hiring managers turn to first when they’re saddled with a hiring freeze. It basically offers the best of both worlds: the chance to evaluate the candidate’s skills and their ability to fit into the company culture without the costly upfront investment associated with a direct hire.

3. Retiree re-staffing—Retirees can be a wealth of knowledge and influence within a company… and many prefer to work on a contract basis. Plus, with their vast experience, they hit the ground running!

4. Internships or co-op programs—These are popular options when a short-term, entry-level task is involved. Like temp-to-perm, it allows companies to evaluate a candidate’s skill level, as well as how they fit into the workplace culture.

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