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The hiring of independent contractors is only becoming more common as time goes on. Businesses are looking to join the movement by scaling back the number of full-time employees and replacing them with contract workers for a variety of reasons. 

However, not all jobs are right for contract roles. Being in a high-level management role tends to mean you have a full-time job. In addition, not all industries are made for contract positions. 

So, what industries are great for contract positions? Which industries hire more contractors today, and which ones are primed for growth in the future? That’s a topic we discuss often with recruiting and staffing firms, and one we will explore below.

Information Technology (IT)

The first sector is possibly the most specialized and popular at the moment. Information technology contractors are able to build and install software, test security, and upgrade old systems and networks with ease. Many of them can do this remotely, making their talent more accessible. As technology continues to grow and change within the business world, this demand is only expected to increase. 

Specialized sectors within information technology see an even higher rate of growth due to massive leaps in technology. Contractors who can work with things like cybersecurity, AI and machine learning, big data, and business analysis are at the top of the list for most businesses.

IT professionals like to control what they work on, where they work, and when they work. Becoming independent contractors allows them to do all three. They can also pick and choose what companies they work for at what times. This flexibility creates a very attractive work structure for candidates. Google has already leveraged this fact. Of Google’s 200,000+ employees, over half are independent contractors according to this report from MarketWatch.


As cities and communities find themselves with a need to grow, engineers will continue to find more work. Most of our large cities are hundreds of years old, with an infrastructure just too outdated to handle the growing population.  

That’s why the engineering sector has seen a recent boom in contract work. Specialties in need that top the list include civil, industrial, construction, and even environmental engineering. Expect the last group to continue to grow as the emphasis on sustainability increases. 


It should be no surprise that the retail industry has ended up on this list. While possibly requiring the least amount of skill, this industry is the largest by far and still growing. However, the biggest thing of note here is the cyclical nature of retail contractors. 

Cashiers, warehouse workers, and customer service agents are needed in mass towards the end of the year with waning needs throughout the other seasons. In addition, online shopping and automation present issues that could quickly stop this industry from growing further.


If you know how to photograph, video, paint, create, or design, then you are in a growing industry of independent contractors. If you don’t, then you might be in the growing number of businesses that need help. 

Skills like SEO copywriting, logo design, website updating, product photography, and ad creation top the list of needs from small and large businesses looking to contract creatives. As more jobs are taken from full-time to contract, this demand is only expected to grow. 

Find Help with FoxHire

As the growing needs for independent contractors increases, many staffing and recruiting firms will get more requests from clients. This can be a great opportunity for staffing and recruiting firms to grow, but they must be prepared. Staffing firms that rely on a line of credit can only grow so much until that line is maxed out. Recruiting firms that haven’t placed contractors in the past run the risk of losing clients who need both contractors and full time talent. Both of those issues, and many more, are able to be solved by partnering with an Employer of Record like FoxHire. Doing so can prepare your firm to grow in this new contingent workforce environment. 

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