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FoxHire specializes in helping companies navigate the complexities of today’s employment relationships. As an employer of record (EOR), we serve as the HR outsourcing partner for businesses of all sizes, but in just four very specific industries. What are those industries, and how can an EOR help them succeed?

Foxhire Serves Many Industries, But What Are They?

What Can an EOR Do for Your Business?

An EOR handles all HR administrative functions and literally employs teams on your behalf. Some of the areas we cover include:

  • Hires and onboard new employees.
  • Payroll, taxes, and benefits.
  • Workers’ comp.
  • Supporting the HR needs of employees.
  • W-2 filing and contractor arrangements.
  • COBRA, ACA, and other compliance-related issues.

From a legal and compliance perspective, this shares the risk between you and your EOR. Here are a couple of ways this could benefit your company:

  • An EOR outsources HR functions for staffing agencies whose recruiters often spend an inordinate amount of time on administrative tasks. This refocusing of your priorities can happen in almost any company and be beneficial. Say you want your small HR team to focus more on employee retention and training. Let an EOR partner handle mundane admin tasks for everything from onboarding to termination.
  • An EOR is particularly helpful if you are trying to expand your markets either temporarily or permanently without hiring administrative staff to handle HR functions. The EOR is also set up to do business in these new markets and can handle compliance rules related to employment.
  • An EOR like FoxHire can help manage the cross-state nature of most employer relationships today. Since workers went remote, you can now hire from just about anywhere in the country (as long as they have the internet). But there are federal, state, and regional rules for just about everything that falls under the employer/employee relationship. All of them are different. But an EOR is set up to handle these complexities.

While these are just three examples of the business benefits of an EOR, most of these organizations limit their expertise in one or a few key areas. Why? Because every type of business has its own set of rules and regulations.

FoxHire Business Specialties

If you are in these industries, and want to spend less time on your HR functions and more time on your business, FoxHire can help.


Out of all the industries, healthcare is one of the most regulated. Managing employees in this kind of volatile compliance environment is hard. It takes a dedicated team who are experienced with the rules and complexities of this field. FoxHire has that team.


This is a broad category that can include everything from recruiting and staffing agencies to clerical entry. We handle thousands of at-will contractors in this space, maintaining files, training, and issuing paychecks every week. We can handle all the nuances of individual contracts and make sure your teams get paid properly.


This sophisticated field leverages knowledgeable workers with extensive training. Many are out in the field every day. How do they track their time or communicate with your HR team after hours? FoxHire offers an easy-to-use software platform that allows engineers to track their hours from where ever they are working on their cell phones. It’s a hugely convenient way to make this field more agile.


Higher education is a world onto itself. But we know it, and understand it well. Organizations that prefer to spend their time building their institution delegate mundane tasks to FoxHire.

Ready to Work With Foxhire?

If your organization needs to take control of your schedule, FoxHire offers a turnkey solution to free up your time. Find out why our EOR is most often selected as the top choice of healthcare, office, engineering, and educational institutions.

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