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One of FoxHire’s most successful recruiters was recently honored by the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) for her perseverance during the recent recession.

Rosemarie Christopher of MedExec International was one of two recipients of NAPS’ “Shero Award,” which is the female counterpart of “The Hero Award.” Both awards were given at NAPS’ recent conference to recruiters who were deemed to be the best examples of surviving and thriving during the recession. It was the first time since 1993 that the awards had been given.

In her acceptance speech, Christopher recognized both FoxHire’s Recruiting Network and FoxHire’s Contracting Staffing Services for helping her achieve her success. For several years in a row, Christopher earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracting money through FoxHire, which helped her become one of the few Million Dollar Producers for FoxHire Network.

“[FH President] Debbie Fledderjohann has been beating the drum about contracting for years, and she’s been so supportive and such a leader in that area,” Christopher said. “I really couldn’t have had as much success as I’ve had without the help of the Network and FoxHire.”

FoxHire Network’s Recruiter Training Blog includes a two-part post about Christopher’s success, including details about she how transitioned her firm into a “shared-risk” recruiting firm and how networking with other recruiters contributed to her success.

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