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FoxHire was established in Canton, OH, in 1992 in response to the increased use of contractors in the professional and technical sectors. As contract staffing continued to grow, many recruiters were turning down contracting job orders because they didn’t have the resources or ability to handle all the tasks associated with employing contractors.

As a result, FoxHire was formed to help direct-hire recruiters make contract placements. Essentially, FH became the legal W-2 employer of record for the contractors that recruiters were placing, and that is still our business model today. We handle all of the financial, administrative, and legal tasks, including employee paperwork, background checks, legal contracts, timesheet collection, payroll processing and funding, tax withholding, benefits, Workers’ Compensation, invoicing, collection of accounts receivables, and everything else that falls to the responsibility of having employees on payroll.

In the beginning, we were placing mostly Information Technology “job-shoppers”, along with a few technical and professional contractors. The practice of utilizing contractors expanded into an extremely wide range of engineering fields and is now a business strategy utilized by nearly every industry and for positions leading all the way to the C-Suite.

One area in particular where we noticed a surge in contract staffing was healthcare, so about seven years ago, we added healthcare contract staffing to our service offerings. This was an excellent move due to the aging population, along with state and federal mandates associated with medical services for children. The number of contract opportunities for therapy, nursing, and pharmacy careers continues to grow each year.

Contract staffing has especially become prevalent in the wake of the recession as flexibility and cost-containment have become critical issues in today’s business environment. In fact, we experienced a 22% increase in commercial placements in last year.

Over the past 20 years, we have also noticed a change in workers’ attitudes toward contracting. Contract assignments were once considered a last resort when candidates couldn’t find a traditional direct-hire position. Now workers are actively seeking contract positions because they like the flexibility it offers them from a work/life balance perspective, plus they are paid for every hour they work, as opposed to a traditional salary structure under which most professionals are paid.

One fact that we are particularly proud of is that we offer our contractors medical insurance through Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  Benefits are extremely important to candidates, and being able to access them through FoxHire helps make their decision work on contract assignments easier.

FH is now known industry-wide as “The Recruiter’s Back-Office Solution.” We do business in 49 states and specialize in technical, professional, and healthcare contract placements. We have experienced growth in 18 of its 20 years and has paid recruiters more than $50 million in profits.

If you have utilized our services, we sincerely thank you for your business. If you have not yet used FH, we invite you to call us at (330) 454-3508 to find out how we can help you make contract placements.

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