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(This series focuses on the most common reasons we’ve heard for why recruiters don’t want to offer contract staffing.  These reasons are based on common misconceptions about contract staffing and prevent recruiters from reaping the benefits of offering contractors to their clients.)

Reason #2: I don’t know where to find contract candidates

There once was a time when it was difficult to get candidates to consider contract assignments.  But that was about the same time when contractors were called temps and were mainly secretaries and blue collar workers. Times have changed, and so have candidates’ attitudes toward contract assignments.

Believe it or not, many candidates are now choosing contract assignments OVER full-time, direct positions for a number of reasons:

  1. Flexibility – Contractors often have more leeway in determining when and where they work, which is essential in many of today’s two-income families.
  2. Job satisfaction – Many contractors report being more satisfied with their work because it is challenging and is often tied to a critical project or deadline, so it is easier for them to see the purpose of their work.
  3. Financial security – With the mass layoffs of the recession, many workers are more comfortable depending on their own skills to secure contract assignments rather than relying on a single employer that could lay them off at any time.
  4. Opportunity to travel – Contract opportunities exist all over the United States, so candidates can experience new places and cultures while working.
  5. Enhance resume – Hiring today is a very big commitment, so many employers will only hire candidates with the perfect skill set. Contract staffing gives candidates the opportunity to add skills to their resume they may not have had the opportunity to gain any other way.

The best way to find contract candidates is to simply ask your existing candidates if they would consider working on contract.  You may have to educate some on the advantages of contracting, but you may find that many are already familiar with the concept and are more than willing to accept contract assignments. Just as with clients, don’t assume candidates are not interested.  You never know who is interested in contract staffing until you ask.

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