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Contract staffing is a great way to supplement your direct-hire placements with a steady stream of income. But why should you give away part of that income to a contract staffing back-office?  Well, there are a number of reasons, and just for fun, we’ll count down the top 10 reasons for you, Letterman-style:

10. No more employee questions or issues
9. Stop worrying about missing payroll
8. Stop worrying about whether a client will pay to cover the payroll you funded
7. Quit risking being under-insured – the back-office carries the Certificate of Insurance.
6. No more messy client contract negotiations – they are handled by the back-office
5. Your contractors want benefits, and a back-office can provide them
4. Forget about invoicing and collection headaches – both are handled by the back-office
3. Reduce Liability – back-office is responsible for complying with employment laws
2. Save money – employer taxes, workers’ compensation, contributions to employee benefits, administrative costs, etc., are paid by the back-office
1. Spend more time on what you do best – recruiting!

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