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If your goal is to expand your staffing business, there is really just one thing you need to focus on: How to show value to your clients by optimizing your recruiting efforts. If you can do this, the growth will naturally happen. Here are some quick tips to help you expand your firm and generate more revenue. 

 How to Expand Your Recruiting Agency 

The first question is, what do your clients want? A recent survey showed that your client companies look to you for the following: 

  • 41% say they want access to a greater pool of candidates. 
  • 38% want a faster time to hire. 
  • 32% say they want flexibility in the size of their workforce. 
  • 26% want better access to candidates with highly specialized skills. 

The staffing agency world is heavily saturated with firms seeking the same clients you are. How can you differentiate yourself? The answer is to give your clients exactly what they need. This means your recruiters must work more efficiently to give your clients a better mix of candidates with specialized skills, a faster time to hire, and more workforce options in the form of a more flexible workforce.  

But how can staffing agencies improve the efficiency of their recruiting teams? How can they expand their candidate pool to encompass a more flexible workforce with contract and temp-to-hire in addition to full-time candidates? There is one thing you can do right now to meet all four needs of employers. That is to hire an employer of record (EOR). How can this help your staffing agency expand? 

Hire an EOR to Expand Your Staffing Business 

If the key to business expansion is to give your business customers what they want, there is really one thing you must do: Free up the time your agency spends on mundane tasks. How much time does your recruiting team spend on new hire paperwork? How much time does your firm spend on HR, taxes, benefits, and the myriad tasks associated with hiring? An EOR handles everything from healthcare benefits and worker’s compensation to payroll, and much more.  

Did you know companies that don’t outsource these functions pay about 18% more than companies that use an EOR? PwC’s study “The Hidden Reality of Payroll and HR Administration Costs” shows that it is more expensive to handle HR, payroll, benefits, and taxes in-house than it is to use an EOR.  

What could your staffing firm do with another 18% on the bottom line? 

There is another huge benefit to an EOR that meets the needs of your employer-clients. Leveraging an EOR allows even small staffing agencies to add on a lucrative contracting service line. With an EOR, you could staff contractors from all over the country without having to register your business in that state. The EOR is already registered. Firms like FoxHire can handle all of the elements of hiring and payroll, even across state lines. Contractors produce monthly revenue in a residual income stream that can greatly benefit your business. Yet you have no risk of running afoul of tricky state and regional tax and payroll issues. The EOR handles the paperwork and the risk. 

Partner With the Experts!

Could all of this help your staffing team focus on increasing the qualified candidate pool while reducing time to hire? Or course it could. That’s exactly why, if your staffing agency is ready to expand, it’s time to talk to the team at FoxHire. 

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