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Problem #4 (Burnout)—With all of the compounded stress and frustration that the recruiting profession can dish out, it’s little wonder that some recruiters burn out. And the scary part is that it doesn’t only happen to relatively new recruiters, either. It can happen to anyone, regardless of whether it’s your first year in the business or you’re a 20-year veteran. Recruiting is not a kind profession, to say the least, and it can wear down even the most hardened of search professionals.

Contracting Solution—As we’ve shown, with contracting you can decrease both the stress and frustration. This, in turn, decreases the likelihood that you’ll bow out of the game earlier than anticipated. And here’s an added bonus: when you do decide to hang up the headset for good, you’ll have a stable of contractors that will make it easier to sell your business for a handsome profit. Burning out early with nothing to sell… or retiring in style when you’re good and ready. Seems like an easy choice.

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