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(This is the second in a series of blogs that examines the parts of the direct-hire placement process that differ from contract placement and how contracting can be simpler, easier, and less stressful.)

1—The HR factor

Direct-hire placement—Let’s face it, nobody is thrilled with the prospect of having to go through HR to get to the decision maker, but it’s often a necessary evil… if you’re dealing with a permanent placement. This barrier can slow down the process considerably, and the process has hardly got off the ground yet! It’s a sure bet that every recruiter that’s been in the business for a fairly long time has a litany of horror stories resulting from their encounters with HR.

Contract placement—Contract placements are another matter. With a contract assignment, the hiring authority is almost always directly involved in the process from the very beginning. And here’s the best part: many times, they’re the ones contacting you. There’s much more urgency attached to finding workers for a contract assignment. Not only that, since it’s a contract job, there’s a good chance that the HR manager isn’t part of the loop, anyway. It’s just you and the hiring authority, since they’re the one that has an immediate need to complete a project or meet a deadline.

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