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(This is the seventh and final blog in a series that examines the parts of the direct-hire placement process that differ from contract placement and how contracting can be simpler, easier, and less stressful.)

As we’ve discussed during the past week, there are five aspects of direct-hire recruiting that you could probably do without—and we’re willing to bet there are probably more. Of course, there is something that direct-hire placements provide that contracting placements do not, mainly a rather large check… as opposed to smaller amounts of money streaming in every month.

But considering all of the other factors involved, spreading the fee out over the course of several months seems like a small price to pay. In many cases, you can make the same amount of money for a contract placement as you would for a direct hire, depending upon the position and the length of the contract. In addition, you can also place the contractor several times throughout the course of their career.

So—if recruiting is your passion and you truly enjoy the profession, then perhaps it’s time to start enjoying it even more. By adding contract staffing to your current business model, you might not only enjoy recruiting more, but you’ll also set yourself up as a sole-source provider by meeting all of your clients’ staffing needs (direct hire, contract, or contract-to-direct), cultivate more loyalty with your clients, and build additional value into your firm in preparation for retirement.

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