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Any time is a good time to offer contract staffing services to your clients. But what are the best times?

According to the members of Top Echelon’s split fee recruiting network that were surveyed, there are certain times when you should take extra care to mention that you are able to handle contract job orders. They assembled those times together both for your convenience and your edification.

6 best times to suggest contracting:

1. When you get a new client—It’s a good idea to let new clients know about ALL the services you provide, including contract staffing.

2. When a client has a position that is difficult to fill—Clients may have to adjust their expectations. They are typically more willing to do that if they can try someone on a contract basis first. And a candidate may be persuaded to try a position they’re not sure about before committing to it full-time.

3. When the client wants a guarantee—In lieu of a guarantee, you can let them “try-before-they-buy” by offering the candidates on a temp-to-hire basis.

4. Anytime you are talking with a hiring manager (rather than the human resources department)—Contract staffing job orders typically come from hiring managers rather than HR.

5. During a client’s hiring freeze—Clients can sometimes utilize contractors even when they are not able to hire direct. This is because contractors require less commitment and the money generally comes from a different budget than direct hires.

6. When they are reluctant to pay the recruiting fee—Clients may be more willing to pay over time via a monthly invoice for a contractor rather than the larger, one-time fee to hire them direct.

And when you work with FoxHire, any time IS the best time to suggest contract staffing! That’s because we provide back-office contract placement services for your placements. That means we take care of the legal, financial, and administrative details. All you have to do is recruit, and we do the rest.

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