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The times they are a-changing, and so are the workers previously known as temps.

A recent article by The Ithaca (New York) Journal talks about the rise in temporary hiring, stating that U.S. employers added 300,000 temporary jobs in 2010. And that’s just one of the recent changes the article reports in temporary hiring:Temps changing to contractors

  1. First and foremost, it’s no longer temporary hiring, it’s contract hiring.
  2. More contract employees are eventually converted to direct-hires. This is good news for recruiters, who can earn nice conversion fees on temp-to-direct conversions.
  3. The skill sets of workers on contract is higher than the “temps” of the past.
  4. Employers are recognizing and taking advantage of the cost advantages (i.e., no employer share of taxes or benefits premiums) associated with utilizing contractors.

The article also documented an increase in smaller companies utilizing contract workers. This also coincides with FoxHire’s placement history.

In other words, contracting isn’t just for low-level positions at large companies anymore. And it’s not just a cash generator for large staffing firms anymore, either. Recruiters all over the United States, even those who previously only worked direct-hire jobs, are cashing in on the trend. Will you be next?

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