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Interview with Bob Small, Vice President of Carroll Technology Services, Inc. 

A few years ago, a die-hard direct hire recruiter was forced into making his first contract placement to meet his client’s request. He was amazed at how easy and profitable it turned out to be, and since that first placement, Bob Small has actually become an advocate for both contract staffing and FoxHire, LLC (formerly known as Top Echelon Contracting, LLC). Consequently, he is often approached by other direct hire recruiters with questions about contracting and FoxHire’s (FH) services. Read on for Bob’s most commonly asked questions and the answers he provides.

 Why choose FoxHire?

As contract staffing back-office services go, in my opinion, they are top-notch. Absolutely everything is taken care of—there is no need to worry once the contract placement is in their hands. From client communication to employee questions to on-boarding to human resources to taxes and insurance—they just handle it.

Doesn’t it bother you that FH has direct contact with your clients?

Absolutely not. Believe me, they can explain contract staffing placements better than you or me. They’ve been doing this and ONLY this for 23 years. They know their stuff inside and out, and their obvious knowledge and professionalism will put your client at ease. And don’t worry that they’ll cut you out of the loop—they won’t. For one thing, they DO NOT recruit. They have no interest in your client without you. They only make money when YOU [the recruiter] make a placement! For another, they understand that your relationships with your clients are your most valuable business assets and they protect them. That includes situations where a contract placement converts to a direct hire. Even in collections circumstances, FH is careful to keep you involved and informed.

What about marketing contracting to clients? Is there any support with that?

Yes, they help you with it. They can create marketing documents for you with your agency name and information on them. All you have to do is send them out. As business ramp-up for contract staffing goes, it doesn’t get much easier than that. You can tell, even when you’re just getting started, FH really wants you to succeed.

How would I get paid my [recruiter] share of the profit?

FH pays you [the recruiter] as soon as the client pays them. It’s seamless. When you make your first placement, they give you access to the Statement of Contract Assignment (SCA) system. From there, you can track everything for each placement you make: timesheets, invoices, collections, etc. They do all the work behind the scenes. I love the fact that every time my client pays an invoice, I get a check in my mailbox like clockwork.

What has your experience been with FH’s customer service?

It’s fantastic. You can always reach someone. If the usual person you work with isn’t available or doesn’t immediately pick up, they always have backup in place and will get you an answer quickly. You’ll never be left hanging. They are always very polite, extremely professional, and highly efficient. If you [the recruiter] screw up, they’ll cover your butt and never get on your case about it. They absolutely saved me from getting in my own way on my first contract placement– I’ll never forget that!

What do you do when a contractor has questions or problems?

Just give the contractor your FH administrator’s direct extension. The Contract Administrator will always get back to them quickly and take care of the contractor’s questions about benefits, timesheets, paychecks, HR, etc. Again, they can answer tricky employment issues, like questions about the Obama stuff, better than you or me. Let them handle it professionally and promptly. If it’s an urgent human resources issue, they also have a 24/7 line for that.

Bottom line – would you recommend contract staffing and FH?

Without question. Don’t avoid contract staffing and miss out like I did for years—let FH help you tap into that income stream. They are outstanding, and it’s obvious how much they value their recruiters. Customer service is a thing of the past in a lot of industries, but not with FH. Just work with them, and you’ll see what I mean. They get an A+ from me.

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