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A number of factors, including the economy and older workers’ desire to not bail out of the workforce entirely, has made retiree re-staffing an emerging trend. This series examines the trend and provides ways that recruiters can take advantage of it.

We’ve talked in this series about how the economy has forced many older workers to delay retirement and how others would like to slow down but not retire completely. A recent Human Resources Executive Online article points to another group, older workers who want to continue to work but can’t physically continue their full-time duties.

According to the article, “Keeping Them, On” this is especially true in the healthcare field where long hours, frequent standing and walking, and night shifts are common. Rather than simply ushering these seniors out the door, more companies are finding creative ways to keep these experienced workers on while working around their limitations and their desire to reduce their hours.
One example of this is The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, which recently introduced the “Blue Bring Back” program, which allows retirees from the association’s health plans to come back on temporary assignments, special projects, and to cover for full-time employee vacations. Some are even able to telecommute.

When seeking contract job orders, a question you may want to ask clients is if they have noticed older workers who are struggling in their current positions but who they don’t want to see leave due to their expertise, experience, and work ethic. If so, are there projects or tasks they could do on more of a part-time, contracting basis? By offering contracting as a solution, you can help the client and the employee continue a relationship that is beneficial to both.

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