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In our last blog post, we discussed how the housing market is making it difficult for recruiters to find candidates willing to relocate. But even when selling a house is not a factor, relocating is a huge commitment for workers – one they are often very reluctant to make.

Contract-to-direct arrangements can make those decisions easier, said Larry Baker, President of Computer Careers.

“This gives them the opportunity to see if it will really be a good fit for them and a place where they want to relocate their family,” Baker said. “They have a feeling three or four months into the assignment if this is definitely going to work before they make the commitment to move their family.”

This scenario benefits companies, as well. They don’t have to go through all the time and expense of hiring a direct employee only to have the worker decide they don’t like the location. And contract-to-direct arrangements allow companies to try-before-they-buy as well – they can evaluate the candidate’s work before committing to a direct hire. The best part is that when it works out and both the candidate and client decide to make the direct-hire commitment, you can get a conversion fee. That is on top of the rate you earn each hour the contractor works during the contract assignment.

Relocations don’t have to be a deal breaker for your placements. By creatively utilizing contract staffing and contract-to-direct options, you can ease relocation reluctance and provide your clients with the candidates they need.

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