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Contract staffing can benefit recruiters in a number of ways (steady income, quicker placements, becoming a sole-source provider to clients, etc.).  But did you know you can also be rewarded for making contract placements?

Through FoxHire (FH) Frequent Contract Placement (FCP) Program, you can earn up to 3% more in contract placement income simply by making more contract placements. Recruiters who utilize FH’s contract staffing back-office services are automatically enrolled in the program, and there is no cost for participating.

The FCP program allows recruiters to earn “cash-back points” (dollars) based on a the income (commission) they have earned on contract placements through FH each calendar year. There are five award categories:

Category Percent Recruiter Income Levels
Diamond 3% $100,000+
Platinum 2.5% $80,000 – $99,999
Gold 2% $60,000 – $79,999
Silver 1.5% $40,000 – $59,999
Bronze 1% $20,000 – $39,999

The FCP runs from January 1st through December 31st each year. If you are a FoxHire Network member (which is NOT required), you will receive your award at the FoxHire Network National Convention. If you are not a member or don’t attend the National Convention, your award will be mailed.

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