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As President of FoxHire, I was recently asked to write an article for The Fordyce Letter on the recent surge in contract staffing and the future of contracting in 2011. That article is now available on the Fordyce Letter Web site.

The article is a more in-depth report of the contract staffing trend that we have reported on numerous times on this blog. Here are some of the key points from the article:

According to statistics from the Department of Labor and The American Staffing Association (ASA), contract staffing was up by at least 20 percent last year.

FoxHire’s own numbers showed an 8.6 percent surge in contract placements in 2010. This followed a 26 percent increase between 2006 and 2009.

Healthcare was the biggest industry for contract placements last year, followed by Engineering/Manufacturing and Information Technology.

This growth in contract staffing is likely to continue, and contract placements could eventually become more common than direct-hires.

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