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Q—How much time and money is required for you to ramp-up to do contracting?

A—How does about an hour and zero dollars of financial investment sound? Any recruiter can offer contract staffing by simply letting clients know that in addition to their direct-hire business, they can also do contracting. You’re probably thinking, “No way. . . I’m not going to offer something unless I’m more comfortable with the process.” FoxHire has developed some quick and efficient tools to help you make contract placements… and it only takes about an hour to take advantage of these FREE tools.

Step-By-Step Training Video (Ramp-Up Time: 15 minutes; Cost: FREE)
Go to and review a training video titled, “A Quick Start to Contract Staffing.” This video features Alan Carty, a direct-hire recruiter who incorporated contract staffing into his business model. The most common feedback we’ve received on this video is, “It gave me the confidence I needed to start offering contract staffing to clients.”

Marketing Documents (Ramp-Up Time: 5 minutes; Cost: FREE)
We’ve created customized marketing documents designed to assist recruiters in marketing their contract staffing services in conjunction with their direct-hire services. Two documents are for clients, and one is for candidates:

1. Contract Staffing Services—Addresses the critical points about contract staffing for clients
2. Staffing Solutions for Today’s Market—Completely outlines the advantages that client companies enjoy by utilizing contract staffing
3. Candidate Opportunities—Highlights the advantages of contract staffing, along with the insurance benefits available for candidates

Contract Training Kit (Ramp-Up Time: 30 minutes; Cost: FREE)
This Contract Training Kit is on our Web site and provides a step-by-step process so you can quickly learn the basic steps of a contract placement. Plus, you can find out why companies use contractors, and why candidates like to work on a contract assignment.

Live Call with an Expert (Ramp-Up Time: 30 minutes; Cost: FREE)
Call FoxHire toll free at (888) 627-2678 and ask to speak with a Contract Administrator. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about contract staffing.

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