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 Modern red car (front view)Don’t just assume that your clients will only consider direct placements. After all, nearly 80% of all companies utilize contractors, so it is likely that they are already using some contractors or have at least considered it. And if they haven’t, all it may take is a suggestion from you to change their thinking.

Ask your client if they would consider temp-to-direct arrangements where they can bring potential employees in on contract assignments to assess their skills and qualifications before hiring them permanently. After all, in this economic climate, more employers choose to “test drive” employees before making the direct-hire commitment.

Contract Training KitYou may also want to pitch the idea of contracting near the end of your clients’ fiscal years when hiring freezes are common. Traditionally, funds for contractors come from a different budget than direct placements, so companies can use contractors to get the help they need during hiring freezes.

The bottom line is that it never hurts to ask. You may be surprised how open your clients are to the idea of contracting!

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