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Businesses are always looking for opportunities to become more efficient. For example, many recruiters have looked to recruiting software to streamline their process. Many recruiters are making the hiring process easier by video interviewing contract candidates.

Technology is changing the way we do almost everything, and it seems that job interviews are no exception. With the rise of Skype and a wide variety of other internet video tools, video interviewing is supplementing, and in some cases replacing, the traditional in-person job interview process.

Video interviewing can make the hiring process easier for you and your clients, but it’s really up to you. Consider the following pros and cons before deciding:

 Pros  Cons
  • You save travel costs for long-distance candidates.
  • Candidate must have access to the Internet and a Web cam
  • It speeds up the interview process
  • Technical problems could hamper interview.
  • You have access to international talent
  • Must be careful not to disqualify candidate based on protected class (race, disability, etc.) learned about through video
  • It is convenient for candidate
  • Candidates may be uncomfortable in front of a camera.
  • Video interviews can be recorded for review later.

There are a variety of options for video interviewing, ranging from Skype’s free service to fee-based services that offer advanced features, such as allowing a large number of people on the video call. Typically, video interviewing options can be broken down into two types:

  1. Live – These are the kind that are performed on Skype. It is similar to a conventional interview. But, the interviewer and candidate interact with each other on the video instead of in person.
  2. Recorded – Interview questions are sent to the candidate, and they record their answers online via their webcams for the employer to review later. There is no interviewer present. These are often used in place of phone interviews to pre-screen multiple candidates.
Video interviews are now a staple for many hiring managers and may be a way for you to make more placements and save money. Contract positions often need to be filled quickly, and the candidates are often remote, making video interviews an affordable and attractive option.

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