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With the economic recovery progressing at a painfully slow pace, companies are continuing on their recessionary path of doing more with less. This is especially true in Information Technology. A recent article on – a Web site for IT managers in data centers – explains how companies are leveraging alternative staffing solutions to stretch their IT dollars.

Budget constraints are making it especially hard for small and mid-size businesses to add full-time IT staff, but they still have projects that need to be completed. That is why many of these companies are turning to temporary/contract workers to fill the gap. They can bring in contract workers for a specific length of time to complete certain projects, such as installing and integrating new servers, rather than having to commit to new full-time employees or pulling existing IT staff from their everyday duties.

The article also points to a “contract-to-hire” trend in IT staffing. When companies do need to hire someone full-time, bringing them on as a contractor first reduces some of the risk of making the costly direct-hire decision by allowing them to “try before you buy.”

The report predicts that these trends will continue as uncertainty regarding the global economy continues. Of course, this is not news to FoxHire. IT is our second highest area for contract placements, trailing only healthcare. If you have not yet considered pursuing IT contract placements, now may be the prime time to start!

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