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FoxHire today announced the release of their proprietary time and attendance software, which will be added to their current FoxHire Contractor Portal for contract and temporary workers. FoxHire’s Contractor Portal allows contractors to access critical employment information like their W2 and pay stub information, in addition to streamlining the on-boarding process. Adding the time and attendance module to the software allows each candidate to have full control over their employment experience without ever having to leave their FoxHire portal. This will enable the submission, approval, and tracking of their time and expenses to be centralized and easy to access for all parties involved in the submission and approval process.

“We saw a huge need in our business for a timekeeping and expense system that met our needs, and, most importantly, the needs of our employees.,” says John Lindesmith, Vice President of Product at FoxHire. “We designed this system to be as easy as possible for all parties involved in the timesheet and expense submittal and approval process.”

Features and benefits of FoxHire’s new timekeeping and expense system include.

  • Desktop and mobile friendly timekeeping and expense system for easier submittals and approvals
  • A robust notification system to ensure time sheets are submitted and approved on time so that contractors are paid on time
  • Capability to support multi work site and multi pay rate employees
  • Expense receipt submittal via smartphone camera upload

The time and attendance module comes in addition to other beneficial improvements that have been made over the last few months. Outlined below are a few of those improvements.

  • One centralized location for all employment information and requirements.
  • Fully automated onboarding system that allows quick and easy completion for each employee.
  • Customizable onboarding process to meet client requirements and ensure a quick start of assignment for all employees.
  • Newly formed integration with Intellicorp for a more streamlined background check and drug screening process.

As the contingent workforce continues to grow across the United States, FoxHire will continue to innovate new and easier ways for them to find work and get paid. For more information about how FoxHire’s Employer of Record services have improved, please visit FoxHire’s website.

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